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for modern teams

Onboarding and learning management at ease with skills based knowledge hub

New way to share knowledge

Experts, team leaders, and teammates meet here to create a new knowledge-sharing experience.
No upfront fees, demo calls or complicated setups

Store knowledge in an actionable way

How it works
Experts share knowledge in  an actionable structure by creating skills. Teammates complete steps and learn skills.


Structured way to store knowledge

Chooses skills to add. Assign checkpoint dates.


Mentors develop team

Each teammate within his own space can choose skills to learn, get mentor's feedback, and build an individual growth track.


Teammates learn skills by completing steps

Skill card in the
teammate track
to learn
Mentors and HR team have tools to review skills, give feedback and set new growth opportunities instead of systematizing learning materials. In Dabster it’s all organized by design.


Focus on growth

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